Zoom links and The October Series

OCTOBER 2020, Saturday, October 24.  5-6:30 Eastern (4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, 2pm Pacific)

We've had three gatherings of October, and I'm so pleased with how everything is going. We mostly spend time sharing about our lives, and taking time to get a bit closer.  It is this closeness that will become trust which we can carry on into our lives and relationships and into next summer as we gather again for the 2021 Gathering.

These meetings is for all men of GNI, men of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We will be reading various authors together, and use those authors' thoughts as jumping off points for deeper discussion. It will be 4 consecutive Saturdays again, and I am thrilled to be organizingthis effort, ably and valiantly assisted by Peter E. and Dave B.

Email me at jon.poupore@gmail.com to be included in the invite.  Here is the Zoom link for October 24:


Meeting ID: 846 6006 2607
Passcode: 818306

Please see (or ask for) the email about some ideas for this Saturday.


Jon Poupore 
Minneapolis MN USA


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