What We Want You To Know About The August Series

As I write this summary, the Democratic Convention is in its second night. The excitement over Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris is palpable; AOC is slated for a brief speaking slot. Our U.S. President has wittingly (and perhaps unwittingly) provoked a historical struggle against decades, no, centuries of inaction against measures to fight inequality, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia...the list goes on. I believe it's valuable to look at the ways he's actually united the fight against the injustices perpetrated on a significant number of our fellow humans.

It is in this context that some 15 men of GNI met over 4 weeks to look at racism and inequality and sought to gain a greater understanding of what anti-racism can look like. To say that coming together like this was significant for everyone is a huge understatement. I was never sure what each week would look like, but a safe space was created to give the men a chance to feel a little closer in this time of quarantine, and, to learn a bit more what it means to listen to other mens’ stories. 

Here are some highlights from the four weeks: many men said it was helpful to talk about their past experiences around racism. The story-telling opportunities in an attentive setting like this were also a highlight for many. Everyone was pleased with the genuine and deep interchange of ideas, opinions, and feelings. One specifically found it “enlightening.”  We observed how often it happens that those who claimed not to have racist behavior often contradicted themselves by their actions. Several men noted how helpful our time was in the process of building and developing respect for each other.

Though it was our first venture in antiracism, we still sought some tangible goals, particularly around experiences of racism at The Gathering. What can be done about that was broached, but we will need more time and effort to help further define that. Please follow the other BuffBuzz link to the post about what's going on at the next set of gatherings, and join us!


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