Zoom links and The October Series

OCTOBER 2020, Saturday, October 24.  5-6:30 Eastern (4pm Central, 3pm Mountain, 2pm Pacific) We've had three gatherings of October, and I'm so pleased with how everything is going. We mostly spend time sharing about our lives, and taking time to get a bit closer.  It is this closeness that will become trust which we can carry on into our lives and relationships and into next summer as we gather again for the 2021 Gathering. These meetings is for all men of GNI, men of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. We will be reading various authors together, and use those authors' thoughts as jumping off points for deeper discussion. It will be 4 consecutive Saturdays again, and I am thrilled to be organizingthis effort, ably and valiantly assisted by Peter E. and Dave B. Email me at to be included in the invite.  Here is the Zoom link for October 24: Meeting ID: 846 6006 2607 Passcode:

Remove the “bad apple,” or Restorative Justice?

 This article is about one approach taken by a school to heal a racial offense, known as Restorative Justice. Dave B and I both like it. What do YOU think about it?

What We Want You To Know About The August Series

As I write this summary, the Democratic Convention is in its second night. The excitement over Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris is palpable; AOC is slated for a brief speaking slot. Our U.S. President has wittingly (and perhaps unwittingly) provoked a historical struggle against decades, no, centuries of inaction against measures to fight inequality, racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia...the list goes on. I believe it's valuable to look at the ways he's actually  united  the fight against the injustices perpetrated on a significant number of our fellow humans. It is in this context that some 15 men of GNI met over 4 weeks to look at racism and inequality and sought to gain a greater understanding of what anti-racism can look like. To say that coming together like this was significant for everyone is a huge understatement. I was never sure what each week would look like, but a safe space was created to give the men a chance to feel a little closer in this time of quarantine

What Organizing Looks Like

 I’ve had very White ideas of what it looks like to “successfully” organize for social change. This ideas still infiltrate my thinking. Please read this amazing article about an amazing group right here in my amazing town of Minneapolis. And check out the author’s podcast.

Meacham on Reconstruction

 Right now I’m reading Meacham’s larger examination of “our better angels,” and the truths and untruths surrounding that idea, but....please try this more brief article from the NYTs. I’m finding I need to hear this historical correction over and over, and from many different mouths, to really have it sink in.

Words From John Lewis

If you haven’t read this yet, please take a few minutes to hear Congressman/Activist/Earth Shaker John Lewis’ final written words.

Why Capitalize White?

Here is a link to a brief essay on the relatively more recent efforts on this matter.